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Home Delivery Craving for delicious Mexican food? Wanna enjoy them in the comfort of your own home or office? Contact Hungry Chico today for delivery. For more details, click here.

Best Buy Now, you can get RICH cheese dip, FRESH salsa, FRESH guacamole and CRISPY nacho chips directly from Hungry Chico. Click here for more details.

Takeaway Booth at 'The FOOD SAFARI': Come on down to one of the largest food events in Singapore, organised by Singapore Press Holdings which bring you 'The Straits Times' and 'The Sunday Times''! The event is held on 15 Nov to 17 Nov 2008 and our booth number is A29e, located in the left hand side, inner end of the Hall. We will be the ONLY Mexican booth and will serve numerous Mexican dishes that many customers are talking about. So drop by before the event ends.

Takeaway Booth at 'Compass Point Shopping Mall': Finally, we are back...


"...They serve ACTUAL spanish rice and their salsa is really really good! They make a really kick-ass quesadilla, fajita...And the prices are half of what you pay in the other Mexican restaurants...I'm really excited!!!...": gourmand

"...As soon as I tasted my first mouthful of that quesadilla, I knew that I was going to enjoy it entirely!...": Charmaine

"Best baked fish ever! Very excellent salsa & rice! Most authentic Mexican food in Singapore": SK Teoh

"...the taste was divine...": diamondguy

Menu & Services

Hungry Chico is glad to offer you Authentic, Fresh and Flavorful Mexican food in Singapore.

Hungry Chico makes FRESH salsa and FRESH guacamole from FRESH produce and spices which we purchase regularly from our suppliers. We do not use bottled salsa and canned guacamole. We are really passionate about what we do to assure our customers an outstanding meal for every order.

Hey, our customers do know what good Mexican food is.

NOW, we offer home and office delivery and you can enjoy excellent Mexican food in the comfort of your own home or office. So, click the button below for more details on our menu.


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