About Hungry Chico.


Hungry Chico commenced operation in Singapore with an outlet along Tanjong Katong Road. Since then, we are really happy to have delighted many customers who have returned with their friends and families. Click here for customers' testimonials. WE THANK THEM for their patronage. Also, we have received numerous requests for takeaway menu, to find out about our prices, our location and our operating hours. So, this website is created especially for our dear customers.




Hungry Chico believes in serving great quality, AUTHENTIC Mexican favourites and we believe in serving them FRESH and FLAVORFUL to assure our customers an outstanding meal on every visit. Hungry Chico doesn’t cut corners on preparation. Our salsa and guacamole (avocado-dip) are made from fresh produce and ingredients, purchased regularly from our suppliers. We do not serve bottled salsa and canned guacamole. Secondly, we do not provide ready-to-serve packed taco shell. Instead, we deep-fry plain corn tortilla ourselves, so you get it FRESH.


Thirdly, Hungry Chico does not semi-cook your dishes or uses microwave oven and then serves them hastily. Instead, we only begin preparing your

dishes once you have placed your order. Last but not least, we do not use lard in our cooking. Instead, we use 100% vegetable oil. We are really passionate about serving our dishes FRESH and FLAVORFUL!

Hey, our customers do know what good Mexican food is!


About the Chef


Hungry Chico is born out of more than twenty-years of experience earned by Chef Chuang. Her years, as a chef in Chico’s N Charlie’s (the first Mexican restaurant in Singapore, located at Level 5 Liat Towers, Orchard Road, Singapore from 1979 to 2001), have seen her appeared on National TV and roadshows. She has also received solid testimonials from several food critics, including Ms Aziza Ali, Mr Vincent Gabriel and Ms Violet Oon.

Now, Hungry Chico is delighted to be able to serve you with the same old well-accepted delights and many more new FRESH and FLAVORFUL cuisines.

Hungry Chico hopes you, too, will be delighted. If you give Hungry Chico a try, you really can’t lose. Feel free to contact us at +65 6100-8226 (+65 6100-TACO) now.

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Singapore Phone: +65 6100-8226 (+65 6100-TACO)
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