Frequently-asked questions
Rich Cheese Dip

Question 1: How do I store it? Place it in the chiller and it will last for 2 weeks.

Question 2: How may I heat it up? (1) Place the amount of cheese dip you need into a pot and heat it up under very small fire. It is ready to serve warm when you see small bubbles on the surface. Remember to stir the dip well while you heat it up. OR (2) You may use a microwave oven too. The container provided is ‘microwave oven safe’.

Fresh Salsa Dip

Question 1: How do I store it? Keep it in the chiller as soon as possible and throughout. Do not heat it up or place it in the freezer or microwave. Chiller only. It too will last for 2 weeks in the chiller.

Other questions you may have

Question 1: Do you use lard? No, we don't use lard as it is typically unhealthy. We use only healthy vegetable oil in our cooking.

Question 2: Are these halal-certified? The Corn Chips and the meat procured are halal-certified. The salsa and guacamole are essentially vegetable-based dips and contain no pork, lard or any alcoholic contents. Similarly, the cheese dip contains no pork, lard or any alcoholic contents. Please note we are not a halal-certified establishment.

Question 3: Are there any China dairy products? What are the ingredients for the corn chips? The cheese dip, guacamole and salsa are made using ingredients imported from USA, not China whereas the corn chips is made in China but contains no dairy product. These are the ingredients for the corn chips: Whole stoneground corn treated with lime, vegetable palm oil (Vitamin E), water and salt.

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