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(Hello in Mexican!) Now, Hungry Chico is proud to offer you our most exciting menu and tantalizing and delicious cuisines which are prepared using premium-quality ingredients and authentic recipes from Mexico and United States. Hence, the cuisines have proven to be very popular among our customers and we are almost certainly sure you will be delighted too.

So, check out Hungry Chico's menu here now. For a quick access to our all-time favorite dips and corn chips, just scroll down a little more and you will find them. Terms and conditions apply.

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Rich Cheese Dip
Rich Cheese Dip

A terrific dip for nacho chips created with a special blend of ingredients imported directly from USA. Delicioso!

Best consumed within: 2 weeks from delivery date. Please store unconsumed portion in the chiller. Best served when warm.

Note: Contains milk from USA but does not contain any egg, pork, lard or alcoholic contents. Click here for more details.

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Fresh Salsa Dip
Fresh Salsa Dip

This is a zippy FRESH hot dip, made from freshly-chopped chilies, tomatoes, onions and spices and it goes very well with nacho chips. Highly recommended!

Best consumed within: Most flavourful within the first 5 days upon delivery. Lasts for 2 weeks in the chiller. No preservative. Best served when chilled.

Note: Does not contain any garlic, pork, lard or alcoholic contents. Click here for more details.

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Crispy Yellow Corn Chips
Crispy Yellow Corn Chips

Oh! Don't forget about the nacho chips to go along with the dips. These chips are ready-to-serve, crispy, lightly-salted and are imported. It is also sold by at least one major cinema-chain in Singapore.

Best consumed within: Indicated on the package. Please ask. Best served when toasted.

Note: Click here for more details.

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